BLIND FURY CANE-DO -for the vision impaired
Blind Fury Cane-Do Self Defense For The Vision Impaired
About Us

"Blind Fury Cane-Do" has been offering instruction and training in Cane-Do training for the Vision Impaired since 2008. Located in Arlington, TX, "Blind Fury Cane-Do" has produced champions in life as well as in the martial arts and was developed for the Vision Impaired. Teaching the CAN DO attitude in life! We don't teach you to fight, we teach you to prevail in life!

Founded by Sensei Larry Corrales, Chief Instructor of the "Blind Fury Cane-Do" program. Supported by Master Dave McNeill (Head (Soke) of the Goju-Shorei Weapons System, Master Mark Shuey of Cane Masters International and run by an expert staff of instructors and managers, which are Sensei Corrales and Tamara Corrales. "Blind Fury Cane-Do" offers a program for instructing the Vision Impaired in the form of Cane Protection, Self Imagery, Positive Thinking, Breathing Exercises and Physical Fitness with the Cane as well as some hand to hand martial arts instruction. The focus of this program is to teach the use of the Cane to those who are visually impaired and to inspire thier life so that they live easier and feel part of society, without fear. Many times Insutuctor Corrales has said that we should change the name to Blind Fury CAN DO, because he says "if you can focus your mind and your heart on something, you CAN DO anything!" We don't teach you to fight we teach you to prevail in life! Mr. Corrales is a blind visionary with a purposeful mission. (CLICK on Our Staff button and History button for detailed information)

Thank you with much respect for support and assisting:Goju Shorei, Cane Masters International, Cane-Do Kai U.S.A

How to Contact Us

We invite you to contact us and visit with us about this specialized program here in Arlington, TX and consider enrolling in our outstanding program, "BLIND FURY CANE-DO".

You can also reach us through Direct E-Mail or our Contact Form. You can also call us on the phone at: 817-501-0644. Please refer to our Hours of Operation and call us any time.

Thank You for Visiting Us Online

Thank you for visiting our website, we hope that we have provided you with enough information to help you in your search for Martial Arts training for the Visually Impaired. We hope to meet you in the near future.

- The Management of "Blind Fury cANE-dO"