BLIND FURY CANE-DO -for the vision impaired
Training Schedule

Our training schedule is posted below and are subject to change depending on student participation. Please note that the classes begin March 2012. Please note that Chief Instructor Corrales will be offering One-On-One Training from March 2012 through October 13th, 2012 (Please schedule some time with him for Fridays and Saturdays). New small group classes will begin May 1, 2012- these will be one month long until they are ready for group settings. Advanced Group and Private Training may continue up to three months after the initial one month basics and safety training with the cane. Please contact Chief Instructor Corrales to register for these classes; group or private. There has been a great demand for this training and illustration. The next new phase of Cane Training is May 1, 2012. We ask that students practice on their own and hone your skills with your Cane until the next training date. Do not only train when you are with Sensei Corrales, please train at home to perfect what you have been taught. Call for private training to get you back on track or start your training. Note: During classes you will be provided a hard fiberglass cane during practice in order to protect your personal cane from damage during practice.

Day of Week Opening Closing
Wednesday6:00 PM7:30 PM
Friday10:00 AM12:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM12:00 PM

Contact Information

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